DOBEYN ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS CC, is an emerging small to medium accounting, risk management, corporate and financial consulting firm. 


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DOBEYN ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS CC, is an emerging small to medium accounting, risk management, corporate and financial consulting firm. 


The company shares the vision of the new South Africa and thus works towards increasing the number of Black Professionals in the country.  This commitment is reflected in our practice of employing previously disadvantaged individuals who comprise 90% of our team.

DOBEYN ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS CC, operates within the framework of the professional code of conduct and ethics as prescribed by the South African Institute of Professional Accountants.


The company offers a range of financial and non-financial services. 


DOBEYN ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS CC responds to client’s complex business challenges with seamless service across both public and private industry sectors and national boundaries.  We help clients manage risk so they can focus on their core businesses.  By ultimately understanding each client’s business, it converts information into insights to uncover hidden opportunities to improve client efficiency and performance. 


These help clients improve performance and make decisions that strengthen their business.  The practice provides information Risk Management, Internal Verification, Corporate Governance Advisory, Software Process Improvement, Quality Registrar Certification and Advisory Services. 

Our Risk Based Advisory Services cover the following:

Business Performance Services

Internal Verification &  Validation Services

IT Advisory Software Process Improvement

     An overview of our Services and Solutions:


  • New Business Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Transformation
  • Risk Management
  • Validation & Verification of Data
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Performance Improvement
  • Enabling Technologies including selection and deployment of IT solutions
  • Outsourcing Advisory Services  
  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Business Advisors



A DOBEYN ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS CC Internal Verification function is tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization. It essentially encompasses:


Assessing whether the internal validation focus and planning process reflect its needs.

Assessing whether there are clear reporting lines and that the structure and status of Internal verification within the organization is appropriate.

Reviewing work methodologies to ensure they comply with relevant standards and current practices.


Our review is carried out by way of questionnaires, interviews with the Audit Committee, Management and Internal Audit staff, Observation and Review of the internal audit work, and benchmarking with generic comparative criteria. The results are reviewed and the key observations and recommendations are then presented to the Audit Committee.


On specific request, our review may include benchmarking the function against organizations of similar size and/or type. This essentially entails comparing the performance of the Internal validation function with those of the selected organizations in terms of a range of attributes including quality of service, staff numbers, and cost.




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